Milan, Travelogue With HyunA


I went to Milan, a place I’ve been wanting to go.

I went to many countries before to perform, but I especially like Europe. I have not been to Milan before so wondered what it was like.

Europe’s Aspects were good.

Just walking the streets of it really feels good. Each building on the street seems to have a story, there are also a lot of European buildings in many places that have not been touched for a long time. It’s really fun to spend time and know about history as well while in there.

That was a romantic answer.

I like the European’s unique sensitivity. You do not know when a rain will come, so it’s really kind of romantic for people to always carry an umbrella. I want to keep that atmosphere. Also, I watch a lot of European movies too.

When we arrived at Milan airport, there were Italian fans from Venice waiting and coming in. There were fans from the city as well. I think it felt really good.

I was surprised this time. I did not think fans from Milan would come at first and shocked to see so many people. In Venice, I learned that people who love Korean Wave gather together to take Korean classes. I am so surprised and proud to hear this. They even had everything from my old album to my latest album. I think it would be nice to have a small show in Milan.

We recently heard that you went to Europe to travel and not for a show.

I went to Berlin and Paris with my friends and staff. I traveled to Paris for the first time after my debut. I did not know how to do the trip because it was my first time, but since I tried this time, I think I can do it now continuously and on my own. I walked the street a bit more and felt very much awed from what I saw, it was a really good experience. It was a different feeling to set up my own destination, to find information, and to make active trips using public transportation.

I could do a lot of things in here that I cannot do in Korea.

Actually, it is not really that unfree in Korea. If you go outside, you just might be described as wrong. (Laughs) I often go to marts in Korea and marts in foreign countries as well, and I oftentimes hear my own voice inside them and I unconsciously find it fun. I’m able to make a plan now voluntarily in between trips, unlike the time I spent on a busy schedule while I was on promotion, and it’s really nice to be happy with small things while making plans.


It has been a long time since she debuted, been to group activities, been to Trouble Maker activities, HyunA is sure feeling always doing something without rest. She’s also been thinking about how to prepare when doing reality programs and has always been busy in producing an album.

I think I had a lot of opportunities given to me. However, I have never given up a single opportunity, I was grateful, and I was so immersed that the time went really fast. I was very busy and I sure look back at every run I make. I want to relax, too though I like being busy. There are my fans and my family who are watching and supporting me now, who have been together with me since my debut, whom I have grown together and have been protecting me for twenty-five years now, and the ones who keep me walking along for the dream I want to achieve. I do not want to forsake the beliefs and dreams of these people specially my mom and dad, who always support me as the eldest daughter of our home.

There are so many idols in the music industry these days. Is there a stage for the younger generation who are stimulated by this kind of activity?

I listen to all the music and stage of all the singers. I am getting a lot of influence not only on active singers, but also on my company’s trainee juniors. Every time I watch my younger juniors practicing, I recreate my works and get energy once again. Though my juniors seem to be scared when I watch them (laughs).

When I look at the stage, I always see a confident and optimistic HyunA.

That’s also the case when I’m doing photo shoots. I am fully prepared to express my confidence through various training sessions during the preparation period for my album. I spend more time to practice and invest in expressing how I feel rather than being good to show my high self-esteem. I am living happily doing what I want to do and I am content for now. If you feel happy while doing your work, the results will surely be good.

There is also this image that shows a cold and difficult to approach HyunA on the stage, does this misunderstanding affect you?

Not at all. I’m rather thankful. I mean, that only means I’m immersed in my character that I can show various sides of it, also means I am doing well on stage.

I also recently started an Asian Tour.

Starting in Taiwan, it is ongoing as of the moment. This is the first time I have been interacting with foreign fans, so I find it fun and interesting. I can see the faces of fans on stage. I hope I’ll have plenty of opportunities to communicate with them. I see a lot of people affected by music and lifestyle, and I have this a sense of responsibility to take part in it.

Should we look forward for a more different HyunA?

Yeah, well I’m preparing something new. I am just really working hard at my own pace right now but ta da! I sure will suddenly appear (laughs)!