HyunA’s Winter Sweater Styling Tip


    ‘The more it gets cold, the more her fascinating points’ winter sweater styling tip.

    Because of the sudden increase in cold weather, there will be many people out there who will be clad in layers of clothes taken from their closet again.

    However, instead of shrinking in the cold weather, MIMICAWE‘s overfit pullover in shoulder-length hair, wearing a colorful point look just like HyunA will not only enhance your winter style index, but also cold weather will not be as hot as it may feel wearing layered clothes.

    Of course, if you choose a layered sweater mixed with colorful colors and printing, then it is essential to minimize other decorative elements in your style.

    HyunA added a cute touch to her black high socks with sneakers, muffler and mini tote bag with color sense attached to her sweater adding adorable side to the style.

    If you find it difficult to have too much of a street view from your daily winter style routine, you can finish the look with a classical one by matching a dull color black straight jean or dense shirt with a dark color tone and a corduroy long skirt.