HyunA Showed Her Own ‘Sexy Me’ Trademark Through CéCi Magazine Photo Shoot


Red lipstick in white facade, from her eyes below it was HyunA’s beauty that should not be missed. Being a fashionista and a sexy star, HyunA showed her own Sexy Me trademark through CéCi magazine photo shoot.


CéCi, a fashion magazine did a photo shoot with HyunA in Milan, Italy. In this photo shoot, HyunA showed different charms. From seductive charm to comfortable, casual ones and other various appealing styles making it a photo shoot that matches very well with the season.

One of the shots taken from the shoot shows HyunA sitting in a bench giving out an expressive look in her face. She was showing bragging the nice look with over-sized jumper and short pants. With vintage styled atmosphere, HyunA’s Sexy Me trademark was specially captured.


From the other shots, HyunA was sitting in a chair showing a free style atmosphere. Wearing a thick jumper with a sense of seasonality and a hat, HyunA revealed a sophisticated fashion sense by matching the casual atmosphere with matching fashion shoes.


HyunA also talked about her life as singer, experiences during the photo shoot, and other various stories during the interview.

HyunA’s photo shoot and interview can be checked through CéCi’s November issue and through their official website.


HyunA was first seen during a performance of ‘The Wonder Begins’ by Wonder Girls in 2007 on Gayo Daejun.

After this, she debuted with a 5-member girl group, ‘4Minute’ on 2009 and did a solo debut with ‘Trouble Maker’ and continued her career and activities as a soloist. These days, HyunA is busy with her ongoing Asia Tour.