HyunA Shining At Her Peak In Milan


Through unique, sexy and stylish-filled photo shoot, HyunA has become the new model for fashion magazine, ”CéCi.”

The chosen style is supposed to be surprising to show HyunA’s fashionista side. Milan, a very grand and elegant place to shoot with HyunA’s colorful and unique patterned dress and Turkish blue colored coat captured the aspect of the photo shoot.

Matching the autumn season through over-sized fading jumper, another sexy queen idol-like fashion was shown. It showed HyunA’s slim figure and beautiful legs. Mid-cut Chelsea boots, bold eyelets, and unique-colored ankle socks also filled HyunA’s overall powerful style in the photo shoot.

Separating from her make-up style while in stage, with sick and dreamlike look in her eyes, and finally showing a different side of her like she does every photo shoot, this new photo shoot succeeded excellently in showing HyunA’s shining peak.