Cube’s Still Unclear About Whether Trouble Maker Will Continue As Sub-unit Or Not


    On the afternoon of the 13th, Cube Entertainment announced the signing of a new contract with Jang Hyun Seung. Cube Entertainment said, “We recently finished signing a new contract with Jang Hyun Seung, and we will give as much help and support to him in the future not losing any opportunity.”

    This is a different path from the organized group of six called BEAST which Jang Hyun Seung was in. Last April, Jang Hyun Seung left the Boy Group to continue being a solo artist. BEAST, who became a five-member group after the withdrawal of Jang Hyun Seung, is reported to be on their own route after the group’s exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment expired last October. Cube Entertainment is still discussing “renewing contracts” with them but BEAST seems to be in the direction of establishing a proprietary contact now under some investment company in China.

    The same is true with 4Minute. Two months after Jang Hyun Seung left BEAST, Cube Entertainment’s girl group, 4Minute, has officially disbanded after seven years. After dismantling, each member found a new nest in their new agency, but HyunA remained. Among the members of the 4Minute, HyunA signed a new contract with Cube.

    After dismantling, HyunA from 4Minute released a solo album and began her solo career. Heo Ga Yoon, Jeon Ji Yoon, Nam Ji Hyun, and Kwon Seo Hyun also left Cube Entertainment to announce their new beginnings. As a result, Cube Entertainment’s BEAST has Jang Hyun Seung as a remaining member, and as for 4Minute, HyunA remains.

    There is also some interests and talks about whether Jang Hyun Seung and HyunA will remain active as Trouble Maker of their groups respectively. At the time of the withdrawal of Jang Hyun Seung from BEAST, Cube Entertainment stated, “It is not yet decided whether or not they will continue to act as Trouble Maker.”

    It is exciting how Jang Hyun Seung and HyunA who have entered into full-scale solo stand will show a second act as partners in Cube Entertainment



      This Hyuna photo from Hyun Ah’s instagram is very unusual because Hyuna looks VERY young – but the photo was taken recently. There are several other photos taken at the same time – and they all look very young.
      What is the technical photographic reason for this young look?
      Probably these photos were taken with a lens with an unusually long focal length. A long focal length – like 150 mm or 200mm (35mm film equivalent) – makes the nose (center) look small and makes the cheeks (periphery) look large. This will cause any person to look younger and cuter.
      This is the true way the person looks. If a short focal length lens is used – like 50 mm ( 35mm film equivalent) – there will be distortion. The nose will be too big and the cheeks will be too small. This causes an aged, ugly, look.
      The reason is that a long focal length allows a long distance between camera and face. The LONG DISTANCE causes the nose to look smaller and the cheeks to look larger. If the camera is very close – like 3 cm – there will be nothing in the photo but a huge nose. For more information and many examples Google: Portraits Focal Length
      These photos are different from all other Hyuna photos on the internet. This suggests that Hyuna has seldom been photographed with a very long lens (and that Hyuna is more beautiful than people realize). It would be a good idea to experiment with very long focal lengths.